1. What's happening around Europe?

    Face masks are on sale at Wilmersdorfer Strasse shopping street, as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak continues, in Berlin
    Image caption: Germany's "lockdown light" has been extended to at least 20 December

    The number of infections in Germany during the pandemic has passed one million - with 22,806 new cases in 24 hours and a record 426 deaths. Russia has also reported record figures this morning with 27,543 daily cases and 496 deaths.

    Belgium's prime minister will meet experts at 12:00 GMT to decide whether to reopen non-essential businesses, which have been shut since 2 November. France is making that move tomorrow, and fewer than 5,000 people are being treated in hospital in Belgium. But PM Alexander De Croo says Belgians will pay the consequences if the wrong decisions are made.

    Latest figures from Sweden's health and welfare board reportedly show 73% of all Covid deaths involved people in nursing homes. Of the 3,002 deaths from 1 March to 23 November, 1,696 were in nursing homes, public broadcaster SVT reports.

    Italy has seen another 822 deaths in 24 hours but the number of patients in hospitals is falling. Virologist Andrea Crisanti says infection rates in Italy have passed the peak and that fatalities reflect the level of infection two to three weeks ago.

    France will allow people to go cross-country skiing individually from tomorrow, as long as it doesn't prompt big gatherings of people. Ski lifts have been shut for downhill skiing but cross-country skiing will be permitted, for example for people who live in mountainous areas.

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    Video caption: Russian police break into Jehovah's Witnesses' flat

    Russia's Investigative Committee raids multiple homes nationwide in a new crackdown on the group.

  3. Seven die in Russia after drinking hand sanitiser

    Russian hand sanitiser, file pic Apr 2020
    Image caption: Hand sanitiser is apparently tempting for some Russian drinkers

    Seven people have died in eastern Siberia after drinking hand sanitiser which was 69% methanol.

    A woman in the group died at home in the village of Tomtor, and the others died in hospital, Russian media report. Two more are still on ventilators in intensive care.

    A five-litre canister which contained the antiseptic was found at the scene. The product has now been withdrawn from sale in Yakutia, a vast region where the temperature drops below -20C in winter.

    Reports say its methanol content had not been clearly labelled.

    Every year in Russia there are deaths among heavy drinkers who struggle to afford vodka and turn to dangerous domestic liquids instead.

    The worst such case in recent years was in Irkutsk, Siberia, where 62 people died in 2016 after drinking bath lotion which contained methanol.

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    Video caption: Near-miss experience in Russian snow-storm

    A car was destroyed when an concrete slab from a Vladivostok tower block fell on to the windscreen.

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    Video caption: Moldova election: Pro-EU opposition candidate Maia Sandu wins

    Pro-EU opposition candidate Maia Sandu has won Moldova's presidential election against Russia-backed incumbent Igor Dodon, preliminary results show.

  6. Russia plans naval base in Sudan

    BBC World Service

    Map of Sudan

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the go-ahead to an agreement with Sudan on setting up a Russian naval facility on Sudan's Red Sea coast.

    Russia plans to create a logistics and repair hub for its navy that will be limited to 300 personnel.

    According to a draft agreement, the base will stand on the northern outskirts of Port Sudan.

    Analysts say that Moscow has become increasingly involved in Africa in recent years, partly to limit both Chinese and US influence on the continent.