Tanzanian wig tax angers women

Importers will be hit with 25% tax
Wigs and hair extensions are big business in Africa. In Tanzania women are claiming they're being unfairly targeted after the government there announced a 25% tax on imports of such hair products. 

Someone who's definitely not happy is Ruth Josephat Urio, who owns a business called J'Adore Wigs in Tanzania's most populous city, Dar Es Salaam. Ruth designs the wigs, gets them made in China, then imports them into Tanzania.

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Swiss women strike over unequal pay
Women have taken to the streets in cities across Switzerland to call for equal pay, better childcare and an end to harassment.

Women 'don't feel confident' to invest

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The Centre for Economics and Business Research reckons that more than half of the UK's millionaires will be females by 2025 and the Today Programme reports that the fund management industry - traditionally male dominated - is now looking at ways to reach women.

Christine Novakovic, head of wealth management at Swiss bank UBS, said a survey by the bank found women "don’t feel that confident in taking investment decisions. For example in the UK and the US about 70% of the women said they really think their husbands are better suited to look after their long-term financial planning, even a higher percentage of the female millennials – which for me is like 'please don't say that get involved'," she said.

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