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Biometric Mirror: Reflecting the imperfections in AI
The personality trait rating system helps to highlight the flaws in artificial intelligence.

Why are thousands of philosophers analysing the future of humans?

The World Philosophy Congress is on in Beijing amid deep thinking about post humans
A future where technically advanced humans exist is one of the themes of the World Congress of Philosophy, taking place this week in Beijing. The Congress is held once every five years.

The theme of the event is "Learning to be Human" and thousands of philosophers will be deep in thought considering how ordinary mortals will cope with technically advanced versions of Homo Sapiens.

Professor Lars Svendsen, from Bergen University, will take part in one of the debates and he's been telling Russell Padmore about post humans.

(Picture: The Thinker sculpture by Auguste Rodin. Getty Images.)

Lego-building robot aspires to bigger things

Lego-building robot aspires to bigger things
A robot that can build small models from Lego may be a breakthrough for automated manufacturing - if it can stop dropping bricks.

Dave Lee reports.