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    Video caption: US election: The sinking island voting for President Trump

    Tangier Island is on the frontline of climate change but residents say saving jobs now is the priority.

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    Video caption: Tropical Storm Isaias: 'The Lord spared us for another day'

    Deadly Tropical Storm Isaias has cut a swathe of destruction along parts of the East Coast.

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    Video caption: Why I fell in love with Irish dancing

    Morgan Bullock was accused of "cultural appropriation" after a video of her Irish dancing went viral.

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    Video caption: Why monuments in the US are being taken down

    Statues of leading figures of the Confederacy, as well as those that depict people of colour as inferior, are being reconsidered.

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    Video caption: 500 high school junior portraits in Virginia

    Photographer helps 500 high school juniors honour their commencement through portraits.

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    Video caption: 'If you press the paw you will hear the heartbeat'

    After John's Reid's son died, his organs were donated and now the recipient has thanked him in the sweetest way.

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    Video caption: Virginia gun rally: US gun-rights activists rally in their thousands

    After new gun laws were proposed in the state of Virginia, protesters had their firearms on open display.