Scottish independence

  1. BONUS: Interview with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

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    Video caption: Listen to the full interview by Laura Kuenssberg speaking to the First Minister.
  2. Scotland and the Union

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    Video caption: Jim Fitzpatrick explores how the latest drive for Scottish independence will affect NI.

    As the push for Scottish independence gathers pace, Jim Fitzpatrick asks voters there about the future of the union - and where Northern Ireland will fit in.

  3. Salmond v Sturgeon

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    Video caption: The inside story of the most sensational break-up in recent political history.

    Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon took the SNP from nowhere to government, and Scotland to the brink of independence. What could their split mean for the future of Scotland and the UK?

  4. Code Red

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    Video caption: Post-Labour conference, the team discuss the Red Wall, the fuel crisis, and Indyref 2.
  5. Get With the Programme

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    Video caption: What are the Scottish Government's priorities as set out in the programme for government?
  6. By Nick Eardley

    BBC political correspondent

    Scottish flag and union jack

    Boris Johnson visits Scotland with no sign an independence referendum will be soon, writes Nick Eardley.

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    Video caption: IndyRef2: SNP MP calls for penalties to decide independence

    Chris Stephens jokingly suggested a second referendum could be decided on spot-kicks.