Scottish independence

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    Video caption: How does Brexit affect indy campaign?

    Two Scottish farmers - a 'Yes' voter and a 'No' voter - talk about how Brexit has strengthened their view on independence.

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    Video caption: Davey: Lib Dems would vote against indyref2 "every time"

    The Liberal Democrat leader says his party will not support a second Scottish independence referendum.

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    Video caption: Starmer: “We do not need another divisive referendum”

    Labour will campaign against “another divisive" independence referendum in May’s Holyrood election, says Keir Starmer.

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    Video caption: PMQ's: Carmichael and Johnson on international laws

    Could the PMs Brexit deal plans spark a "wildcat" Scottish independence referendum?

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    Video caption: Nicola Sturgeon: 'It's bonkers to think I don't want an independent Scotland'

    Nicola Sturgeon says she has worked her whole adult life to secure Scottish independence.

  6. Scottish Independence: Hope and Fear

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    Video caption: What is behind rising support for independence and how could another referendum happen?

    What is behind rising support for independence in Scotland and how could another referendum happen? David Aaronovitch asks the experts.

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    Video caption: Prime Minister Boris Johnson defends UK union on a visit to Scotland

    Boris Johnson visits Scotland as the SNP says he is worried about support for Scottish independence.

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    Video caption: Boris Johnson defends the UK union on visit to Scotland

    The SNP said the visit showed Mr Johnson was "in a panic" about support for Scottish independence.

  9. How would Scotland have coped as an independent nation?

    Mornings with Jackie Brambles

    BBC Radio Scotland

    Nicola Sturgeon

    The idea that Nicola Sturgeon is "giving a daily party political broadcast" at her coronavirus briefings "comes across as sour grapes", Shona Craven, a columnist for The National newspaper, tells BBC Radio Scotland.

    In a sense people are "paying her a compliment" for "getting on with the day job and doing it well", Ms Craven believes.

    In response to accusations that Scotland would have struggled without UK government intervention, Ms Craven thinks an independent Scotland would have coped by having its own power over issues like the furlough scheme and closing borders to visitors from abroad.

    Quote Message: Devolution is very popular in Scotland. Scottish people want control over areas like health. What the pandemic has shown is it is a bit more complicated than that. If there are still key powers that are reserved, there are limits as to what Scotland can do." from Shona Craven National columnist
    Shona CravenNational columnist

    Scotland has "done well compared to the UK as a whole", Ms Craven believes, but "could have done better if certain decision-making powers had been with the Scottish government, rather than the UK".