Beavers in Essex doing 'better job' creating flood defences
Two dam-building mammals have been introduced to Essex 400 years after being hunted to extinction.

Research from the British Trust for Ornithology reveals that the populations of some species of birds have increased due to more bird feeders.

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Council proposes ban on anti-bird netting

Richard Whitehouse

Local Democracy Reporting Service

nets over trees
In Guildford, netting was put in place to stop birds nesting so the trees can be removed

Cornwall councillors will be asked to back calls to ban developers from placing nets over hedgerows which prevent birds from nesting.

A motion will go to Tuesday's full council meeting, which is looking to prevent the use of nets on hedgerows.

Sam Tamlin, the Liberal Democrat councillor behind the motion, said the issue had been highlighted elsewhere in the country and that, by passing the motion, the council could prevent the introduction of netting.

As far as I am aware there have not been any incidents here so I am doing this as a pre-emptive strike. We do not have any control over it and it isn't illegal but we want to make sure it doesn't start happening here in Cornwall."

Sam TamlinCornwall Council

Earlier this week, MPs debated a petition, signed by 350,000 people, that called for "netting" to become a criminal offence.

Lost baby elephant rescued in Mozambique

An orphaned baby elephant being fed milk in a park in Kenya
Oxford Scientific Films
An orphaned baby elephant being fed milk in a park in Kenya

A baby elephant has been saved in Mozambique after it was spotted wandering around the park alone.

When rangers found the three-month-old elephant, it was extremely weak and hungry and they estimated it to have been on its own for about three days.

Joao Almeida, a vet, said it was "touch and go" whether the calf would survive, but the team fed it fluids and specialised milk to help it regain its strength.

As it is rare for elephants to abandon their young, it is likely the calf was sick for some time.