Driver waits eight weeks and counting for DVLA paperwork

Simon Read

Business Reporter

A driver from Durham said he has been waiting for eight weeks for paperwork form the DVLA amid a raft of complaints about delays to the service.

The DVLA, based in Swansea, has blamed the problems on having to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic

James Balls (pictured) told the BBC: "I've been waiting nearly eight weeks for paperwork relating to putting a number plate on retention in order to change my car.

"The DVLA has literally nothing to say other than wait. They couldn't even tell me how far behind I am in the queue. It's bonkers."

James Ball
James Balls

The DVLA said that that paper applications have continued to flood into its office throughout the pandemic, with a current average of around 250,000 envelopes received weekly.

"Our online services are working as normal and we've processed more than 18 million online transactions since March," it added.

Car registration backlog ‘considerable’

Andrew Black

BBC Scotland Business Presenter

The automotive industry in Scotland is starting to get back to normal, as showrooms and other operations restart.

But one emerging concern is a backlog in the amount of time it takes to register a new vehicle with the DVLA to allow it on the road.

Simon Poole from North Berwick-based campervan specialists Jerba said the normal wait was about a week.

Jerba Campervans

We’re presently being quoted eight weeks, which is quite painful because we’ve got vehicles which are built and finished and customers couldn’t pick up before the shutdown...The vehicles are there but we can’t get them on the road for what seems to be a considerable period of time.

Simon PooleJerba Campervans