Car tax evaders targeted in Birmingham

BBC Midlands Today

A new campaign is being launched targeting motorists in Birmingham who think they can get away without taxing their vehicles.

Impounded vehicle

The DVLA says the city has one of the highest rates of tax evasion in the country.

Last year, the organisation says it carried out 55,000 enforcement actions, from fines to removal.

Enforcement officers will be in the city this week clamping and impounding untaxed vehicles.

Thousands of over-70s allowed to drive buses, figures show

More than 7,000 people aged over 70 have driving licences which allow them to drive buses, figures from the DVLA reveal.

Survivor of Coventry Sainsbury's bus crash relives ordeal

The Press Association's obtained the statistics after a bus company was fined £2.3m after ignoring warnings about an "erratic" driver who crashed into a supermarket, killing two people.

Midland Red (South) Ltd admitted health and safety breaches after Kailash Chander, then aged 77, smashed into a Sainsbury's in Coventry in 2015.

According to the DVLA's figures from July, 6,856 men and 194 women hold licences which allow them to drive Category D vehicles which include buses.

After the hearing, Midland Red (South) Ltd's managing director said he supported a review of how current laws on age discrimination affect specific roles with key safety considerations.