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    Video caption: Colorado wildfires: Woman says families in her neighbourhood have 'lost everything'

    A woman who had to evacuate her home in Louisville with her family speaks to the BBC.

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    Video caption: Colorado Wildfires: Thousands evacuated as buildings burn

    Around 30,000 people have been evacuated as wildfires sweep across US state of Colorado.

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    Video caption: Colorado wildfires: News crew escapes fast-spreading flames

    A CBS News crew escape in a hurry as flames quickly blaze across grass towards them in Colorado.

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    Video caption: Colorado wildfires burn homes and force evacuations

    Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated and hundreds of homes destroyed in the US state.

  5. Record Arctic temperature of 38C confirmed

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    Video caption: Melting snow cover and the exposure of "dark earth" is behind the acceleration of warming

    Sea ice and snow cover are melting, and the exposure of the 'dark earth' is the main reason for "the boost of the warming".

  6. Life at 50°C: The Town That Burnt Down In A Day

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    Video caption: A record heatwave in Canada led to wildfires burning a town called Lytton to the ground.
  7. Greece's Megafires

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    Video caption: Bethany Bell looks at the consequences of the recent wildfires in Greece.

    Bethany Bell, who reported on the wildfires in Greece in August, returns to see how people are dealing with the consequences of the catastrophe.

  8. Battling Australian Bushfires

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    Video caption: One teenager attempts to save her home from bushfires caused by extreme temperatures.
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    Video caption: COP26: Climate change warning over wildfires in Wales

    Firefighter Craig Hope says Wales needs to adapt to the challenges of warmer weather.

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    Video caption: The couple fighting fires from all angles

    Samsara looks out for fires from her mountaintop while Mark jumps out of planes to battle blazes.