Doctor Who

  1. Russell T Davies

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    Video caption: Mark Coles on the life of the screenwriter behind some of the most popular TV series.

    The screenwriter was one of Doctor Who's earliest fans; decades later he was writing the show. Mark Coles explores his life and, at times, controversial career.

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    Video caption: Doctor Who fans unite with an online viewing

    Fans touched by the Doctor Who re-boot 15 years ago celebrate with a mass viewing of the first episode.

  3. Doctor Who delivers 'We'll get through this' message

    The Doctor has issued a message to people who are worried about the coronavirus outbreak - telling them, "We will get through this".

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    Jodie Whittaker, from Skelmanthorpe, West Yorkshire, is the current Doctor and wanted to do her bit to help others who might be worried.

    She posted a video on the Doctor Who Twitter account outlining five things people should do.

    They are:

    1. You will get through this and things will be alright
    2. Tell jokes - even bad ones
    3. Be kind - and look out for each other
    4. Listen to science and doctors
    5. Stay strong and stay positive
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    Video caption: Typewriter artist James Cook says 'it's a weird way of having fun'

    Artist James Cook uses "obsolete technology" to bash out a picture one key at at a time.