New Year Honours 2018

Honoured chief nurse says 'it's all about the team'

Sue Smith, the chief nurse at Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust and the manager given much of the credit for the improvements seen there in the past five years, has been talking about the Order of the British Empire she was awarded in the New Year Honours list.

Sue smith

Ms Smith arrived at the trust in 2013 in the wake of the Kirkup investigation into the maternity scandal at the Furness General Hospital and a number of critical inspectors' reports.

She said the work had been tough, as she had brought in a weekly summit where mistakes were discussed so lessons could be learned.

"I have done it by helping people to be open and honest and to learn and understand how they can move forward – so it is not about blaming folk; it is about really looking at things objectively."

I would not be in the position to receive this honour if it was not for the amazing people that I work with. It is always all about the team.”

Sue Smith
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