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Election 2018 Results

Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change


Elected in 2018 57 Total councillors 57 Change+4


Elected in 2018 3 Total councillors 3 Change-3

PartyLiberal Democrat

Elected in 2018 0 Total councillors 0 Change-1
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Brent could revoke 'cycling in parks' ban

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Cyclists could be officially allowed to use their local parks in Brent as the council seeks to revoke a byelaw that currently prevents them from doing so.

Brent Council has launched a public consultation into the 1977 measure, which prohibits cycling in 57 parks and open spaces in the borough.

It hopes revoking the byelaw would promote sustainable transport and encourage healthier living.

Cllr Krupa Sheth, responsible for the environment at Brent Council, said: “We are working hard to make Brent a borough that is accessible for all and look to encourage more environmentally-friendly modes of transport such as cycling, and that means making it easier and safer for cyclists to get around in the borough.

“We’re keen to get people’s views on this bye-law, which if revoked, would bring Brent in line with neighbouring boroughs who allow cycling in parks, with all parks assessed and any necessary safety measures put in place.”

These measures include the introduction of a 5mph speed limit, and signs to identify areas where cycling will still be prohibited, such as on narrow paths, entrances, and in playgrounds or outdoor gyms.

The consultation runs until 31 July.

Brent Council to splash £20m on repairing pavements

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Brent Council is spending £20m on repairing and improving the borough’s pavements.

Cllr Shama Tatler, who is responsible for regeneration, highways and planning, confirmed that a new programme will start in the summer and is set to run until spring 2021.

It will cover 42 miles of Brent’s streets and locations have been chosen based on road surveys and advice from councillors.

“At a time when council budgets are stretched, we have had to make careful choices about how we prioritise our spending,” said Cllr Tatler.

“There’s still lots of work to do, but this £20m programme represents a significant investment and will set us on the way to improving Brent’s footpaths.”

The council also intends to hire a specialist to tackle some of the borough’s potholes.

It noted that, by using ‘injection patching’, the contractor will be able to repair road defects more quickly and therefore deal with more potholes.

Housing complaints cost Brent Council £50,000 in payouts

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Brent Council handed out almost £50,000 in compensation last year following housing complaints.

Its housing department received 800 complaints across 2017/18 covering subjects including poor repairs, lack of enforcement and communication issues.

More than four in 10 of these cases resulted in the council accepting at least some responsibility – though just 10% led to a pay-out.

Cllr Margaret McLennan, deputy leader of Brent Council, explained that, where appropriate, the authority was happy to admit culpability.

She said: “If we recognise that we are at fault, we will hold our hands up and say so.

“But in terms of complaints, things are going well – we are improving the service in the face of constant pressure, which is a good sign.”

She reiterated the council’s commitment to dealing with complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This included the fact that the number of stage one complaints – those answered within 20 days – against the council dropped by 16 from the year before.

However, stage two housing complaints – those which required a 30-day response time – increased by 18 in the same timeframe.

In terms of complaints taken further to the Local Government Ombudsman, eight were upheld, eight were dismissed and four were closed after initial enquiries.

Cllr McLennan said that when it comes to protecting the council’s interests – again, where appropriate – compensation amounts had dropped by more than £700 from 2016/17.

However, the number of cases where the council admitted responsibility had increased by roughly two per cent.

Council estate cleaning in Brent could be brought in-house

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Cleaning services in Brent’s council estates are likely to be brought in-house following concerns around the current contract.

Brent Council’s cabinet will discuss the proposed changes at a meeting on Monday.

If approved, the council will assume responsibility for cleaning in the borough’s estates.

It comes after residents living in these areas were dissatisfied with the level of service provided by the current provider – Wettons Cleaning Services.

Wettons assumed the role in 2013 but resident surveys found issues relating to overall service, responsiveness to complaints and work with other contractors.

Brent vows to tackle rogue landlords

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Brent Council has promised to improve the private rented sector (PRS) in the borough by tackling rogue landlords and advancing tenants’ rights.

A motion backed at a full council meeting last night agreed to support renters’ unions and ensure that privately-rented properties are maintained to an appropriate standard.

The council also vowed to support the abolition of the section 21 ‘no fault eviction’ policy, which allows landlords to turf out renters without reason.

Cllr Michael Maurice said: “I think it’s disgraceful that rogue landlords are able to operate and exploit vulnerable people.

“This has been going on for ages and we seem to still be getting it today.

“It’s not right for people on low incomes – they deserve to live somewhere nice, they need to have their rights and they need to have security.

“Around five per cent of landlords spoil it for else, because there are lots of good landlords out there.

"These sharks give everyone a bad name and I do hope that they are caught, and the courts find them huge amounts of money to stop them operating in this way.”

Brent Council respond after triple-shooting

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Brent Council reiterated its commitment to reducing crime in the borough following a triple-shooting outside a London Underground station.

The incident, which happened at Kingsbury Station on 20 August, left two men and a woman in hospital.

It comes barely a week after the council launched its new three-year community safety strategy.

But Cllr Tom Miller, responsible for stronger communities at Brent Council, is confident that it has devised a programme that will make a difference.

He said: "Brent is committed to making our streets safer and, despite years of significant budget cuts from central government, which mean both the local police and council are operating in a challenging environment, we continue to invest in community safety.

"We fund 12 police officers through the Met Plus scheme to serve the safer Brent agenda and have just opened our new state-of-the-art CCTV control room, which is available to the police to search for evidence during incidents like this."

He offered his thoughts to the victims of the shooting and said the council is working with the police to help bring the perpetrators to justice.

From June 2017 to June 2018, there were more than 11,000 violent crimes reported in Brent.

Speaking at the release of the report, Cllr Miller noted that Brent is consistently in the top ten London boroughs when it comes to crime levels.

He said he appreciates that knife crime is a particular problem - as it is across the capital - and, as such, tackling it will be given priority.

Plans for new school near Wembley Stadium approved

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Ark Sommerville school
Brent Council

Plans for a new 690-pupil school next to Wembley Stadium moved a step closer after designs were approved by Brent Council.

The planning committee passed the proposed layout and access plan for Ark Somerville, which will be built on the York House parking spaces on Empire Way.

Concerns were raised over air quality, as the new school will be near a main road, as well as issues surrounding the use of public transport.

However, council officers assured the committee, as well as prospective parents, that the application "would not have been brought forward if it wasn't in an acceptable location".

Cllr Lia Colacicco described the the new proposed school as "excellent" while Cllr Michael Maurice agreed that new facilities can only be a good thing.

He added: "If not here, then where are we going to build it? We don't have a lot of land in Brent."

Labour holds Brent

Labour has held Brent with no increase in its 47 majority.