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Tony Harrison's Prague Spring

How one of Britain's best-known poets experienced the drama of the 1960s Prague Spring.
Chris Bowlby travels with Tony Harrison to Prague, to discover how one of Britain's best known poets was shaped by the cultural energy and tragedy of 1960s Czechoslovakia. Harrison reads from his Prague poems in the locations where they were written. And he relives with Czech friends stories of cafes and cartoons, sex and surveillance and the hope and despair of a people fighting Soviet tanks and secret police with words, plays and tragic self-sacrifice.

Arrest after plane treated as 'nightclub'

A flight was cancelled and a man arrested after "disruptive" passengers treated a plane like "a nightclub".

A Bristol to Prague Easyjet flight with more than 140 on board was delayed and eventually cancelled on Friday night.

Avon and Somerset Police said a 32-year-old Merthyr Tydfil man was arrested for a public order offence and released under investigation.

Easyjet said it did not tolerate abusive behaviour and will "always push for prosecution".

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