George HW Bush

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    Video caption: US election: How other incumbents left the White House after losing

    Donald Trump joins a small group of US presidents who lost the election while in office.

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    Video caption: White House likens Trump to Churchill in WW2

    The White House compares President Donald Trump to Winston Churchill during World War Two.

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    Video caption: What President Bush's dog Sully did next

    The former service dog of the late President George HW Bush has a new job with the US Navy.

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    Video caption: Train carries Bush casket to final resting place

    Former President George HW Bush will lay to rest at the Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.

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    Video caption: George HW Bush: Legacy, laughter and awkward handshakes

    The highlights from an emotional state funeral remembering former President George HW Bush.

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    Video caption: George HW Bush funeral: Son's voice cracks with emotion

    "The best father a son could have." George W Bush's voice cracks with emotion as he ends his eulogy.

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    Video caption: George HW Bush funeral: 'The last words he would ever say on Earth'

    George W Bush delivers his eulogy to his father by describing their final conversation.

  8. President George Bush Senior

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    Video caption: A portrait of the Washington insider whose presidency proved turbulent and controversial.

    George HW Bush was well qualified to become the 41st President of the United States, but David McNeil shows that his time in office was tumultuous abroad and exacting at home.