Mary Creagh

Creagh on Corbyn: 'He should be apologising'
Former MP Mary Creagh says she confronted Jeremy Corbyn after seeing him pose for photos with young people.
PMQs: May and Creagh on new Brexit referendum
Labour's Mary Creagh also uses a football reference at PMQs, as she asks about Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp backing another EU referendum.

Firm in Cumbria plastic roads test rejects pollution claim

Bob Cooper

Political reporter, BBC Cumbria

A company behind the plastic road surfaces being trialled in Cumbria has rejected fears the product may release harmful particles as it wears down.

Environmental audit committee

The concerns were raised by Mary Creagh, who chairs a group of MPs called the Environmental Audit Committee, when she said dust from the road surface would wash into the environment.

You are allowing an innovation to go through, which potentially puts microplastics into the rivers."

Mary Creagh MP

Microplastic particles are so small they can enter the food chain, and government scientists say they will monitor the issue.

But Macrebur,the Lockerbie-based firm that makes the bitumen substitute, says the waste plastic is fully absorbed into liquid which then binds the road surface together.

We carefully select the plastics that we add into our roads and they fully melt into the remaining bitumen in the asphalt mix, so there are no lumps of plastic left in the road."

Toby McCartneyChief executive officer, MacRebur

Labour MP calls for a 'broad church' party

Labour MP calls for a 'broad church' party
Labour MP Mary Creagh has told the Westminster Hour that her party has to decide if it wants to be "inward looking" or become "a mass movement that wins general elections". Speaking amid rumours of deselection campaigns against MPs on the right of the party, she said "we need to appeal to the country as a whole, we need to be a broad church, we need to appeal to voters that left us at the last election."