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Rest of World Soccer Aid 2019 celebration

Denise Evans

BBC Sport

This year's charity football match like no other - pitting celebrities against ex professional footballers - did not disappoint.

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Is this kid the next Usain Bolt?
Seven-year-old Blaze smashing the 100 metre sprint have gone viral. Has this runner got what it takes to rival the world record holder, Usain Bolt?

What's it like training with the fastest man on the planet?

Motherwell striker Ross McCormack on training with the fastest guy on the planet.
Motherwell striker Ross McCormack on training with the fastest guy on the planet,world record holder and Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt

Mikko Rantanen: the world's speediest golfer

Speed golf world champion Mikko Rantanen thinks other famous athletes should give it a go
Mikko Rantanen, known as The Flying Finn, is the fastest speed golfer in the world. But what is speed golf? 

First played in 1979, it's essentially a faster more athletic format of golf where competitors must run and play golf at the same time. 

So could other famous fast faces like Usain Bolt be any good at speed golf? 

Picture: Mikko Rantanen (@GolfMikko/Instagram)

Introducing the first ever Running World Cup

Hear how you can represent your country on the international stage, whatever your ability
Have you ever wanted to represent your country on the world's biggest stage? In the Running World Cup, every country from around the world can get involved, whatever people's ability level.

From professional athletes, to keen amateur runners, or even complete beginners, every one that runs will be making a big contribution towards their country’s final position on the leaderboard. It's all measured using a special mobile running app. And even eight-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt could be taking part! 

Nick Beresford is the CEO of the event sponsor and has been telling Sportshour what it's all about.

Photo: Usain Bolt (Getty Images)