Celebrations as Taiwan passes same-sex marriage law
Jubilant crowds celebrate as Taiwan's parliament becomes the first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage.

Meet the noodle hero of Taiwan

Wei-shun Yen went from being a gangster to giving noodles to those in need
Wei-shun Yen was a rebellious youngster. While his parents were busy selling noodles in the family restaurant, he was running wild on the streets and was even sent to a Taiwanese prison for manslaughter. It seemed like he was destined for a life of crime, until he had a very influential dream. It inspired him to leave his old ways behind and take up charity work. He is now known around Taiwan for giving noodles to the poor and needy because he donates hundreds of servings each month, with the help of other donors. The BBC’s Taipei correspondent Cindy Sui went to meet the noodle hero at his family’s restaurant. 

Image: Wei-shun Yen, the noodle hero of Taiwan
Credit: Sam Yeh/AFP/Getty Images