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Lack of Guernsey support for Latvian election winners

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

The pro-Russian party that won the most votes in Latvia's general election on Saturday received little support in Guernsey.

Results posted on Facebook show The Harmony party received just 10 votes among the 292 cast at a polling station in St Peter Port.

Guernsey's Latvian community, thought to number about 1,000, were able to vote at Moores Hotel in the country's 13th national election, or Saeima.

Overall, The Harmony party polled 19% with the pro-EU For Development party taking 12% and two populist parties, the KPV LV and the New Conservatives winning 27% between them.

Guernsey voters overwhelmingly backed the KPV LV, with 146 votes.

In the past, parties have formed pacts to keep Harmony out of government.

Latvia shares a border with Russia and about a quarter of its 2.2 million population is Russian-speaking.

'A warning to populists'

Latvia's foreign minister Edgar Rinkevics
Corbis / Getty Images

Latvia's foreign minister Edgar Rinkevics says that Brexit is a lesson to populists everywhere that they should not promise simple solutions to problems that eventually turn out to be more difficult than expected.

After meeting with Germany's federal minister for foreign affairs Heiko Maas in Berlin today, he told Reuters: "The only way out of this - and we still have some time, not much time - is to continue to find the kind of compromise that could be acceptable."

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