European Space Agency

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    Video caption: Brilliant tech inside James Webb Space Telescope

    There's some remarkable UK technology inside the soon-to-launch successor to the Hubble observatory.

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    Video caption: X-ray space telescopes can survey much larger areas by mimicking lobster vision

    By mimicking the way lobsters’ eyes work, scientists have designed new X-ray space telescopes that can survey much larger areas.

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    Video caption: James Webb telescope: 'Easily worth the $10bn cost'

    Peter Jensen, a European project manager on JWST, says we have to take the long view on cost.

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    Video caption: Landsat-9: Key Earth observing spacecraft set to launch

    The Landsat-9 spacecraft will continue an unbroken, near-50-year observation of our changing world.

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    Video caption: 'You can't be a super power without being a space power'

    European Space Agency director general Josef Aschbacher says Europe needs to increase its space ambitions.