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    Video caption: The 91-year-old policeman still patrolling the streets

    LC "Buckshot" Smith, one of the oldest police officers in the US, says he has no plans to retire.

  2. BreakingTrump projected to win Arkansas

    Donald Trump is projected to win Arkansas. The state has voted Republican in every race since 2000.

  3. By Tara McKelvey

    BBC White House reporter

    State capitol, Little Rock

    In some parts of the country, lives have changed unrecognisably, while elsewhere people say life is largely unchanged.

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    Video caption: Tornado captured on camera close up in Arkansas

    An active weather front brings a rapid developing and destructive tornado to Arkansas

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    Video caption: Boy lifted off floor in police chokehold

    The support resource officer at a high school in Arkansas is under investigation for use of excessive force.

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    Video caption: Helicopter crash caught on camera in Arkansas

    New video has been released of a police helicopter crashing in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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    Video caption: Watch a tornado rip the roof off a house

    Tornadoes in the southern US have killed one and wreaked havoc across several states.

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    Video caption: Forklift truck used to steal ATM in Arkansas

    Police in Arkansas are hunting thieves who stole the cash machine from a bank's drive-through area.