Coronavirus lockdown: Living with my parents under new house rules
Madeleine Hordinski, 22, has been photographing life at home with her family in lockdown in Ohio.
State capitol, Little Rock

Tara McKelvey

BBC White House reporter

In some parts of the country, lives have changed unrecognisably, while elsewhere people say life is largely unchanged.

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My pimp branded me with a 'Love is Loyalty' tattoo

"Love is Loyalty" back tattoo

For 17 years, Hollie was forced to sleep with countless men by several pimps. Four years ago, she finally escaped from sex trafficking.

One of her traffickers, she says, branded her with a tattoo which read “Love is Loyalty”.

“He wants to put his name on you. Like a keepsake - like you’re his possession. Everybody knows you’re his bitch,” she says.

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