Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap rule breakers named and shamed

Male and female workers
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The Equality and Human Rights Commission has named 47 organisations that have missed deadlines to report their gender pay gap.

It has notified the organisations that it will start formal investigations and assessments to determine if they are breaking the law.

If this is the case, they will be required to publish the figures immediately and organisations that do not co-operate could face legal action.

Rebecca Hilsenrath, the commission's chief executive, said: "We will be making sure that all employers that haven't published their figures are held to account."

The organisations are listed here and include Gulfstream Aerospace and The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Westminster.

RBS says takes fair and inclusive approach

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RBS has responded to the pay claim brought by Ms Williams.

A spokesperson said: “We take a fair and inclusive approach to setting pay and career progression and do not pay our colleagues differently for doing the same job because of their gender.

"In this particular case, although we don’t agree with everything Ms Williams says and we don’t agree that any difference in pay was due to Ms Williams’ gender, we don’t think we got things right in certain areas and therefore have agreed a settlement to resolve the matter.”

RBS equal pay claims case

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Union Unite says Royal Bank of Scotland could face more equal pay claims after a female support analyst at NatWest Markets secured a £150,000 pay out.

According to the union, which supported her claim, after a seven year period at the bank she was receiving pay and benefits worth £31,610 less per year for doing the same job as her male counterpart.

According to the union's website, her name is Lucy Williams and she raised an official grievance in June two years ago and was made redundant five months later.

The union said the case was settled before going to a tribunal.

RBS said it took a "fair and inclusive approach" to pay.