Mount Everest

Everest Summit: What's it like to queue during climbing?
Tim Mosedale has climbed Everest six times and believes that whilst the queues look bad they're often not the reason people die whilst climbing.

Cumbrian mountaineer: Everest madness must stop

The leading Cumbrian mountaineer Doug Scott, one of the first two Britons to reach the summit of Mount Everest, has added his voice to calls for a limit to be put on the numbers of people being taken to the top of the world's highest mountain.

At the height of the season, pictures of climbers queuing to stand on the summit made the front pages of newspapers around the world, highlighting the industry that has grown up around taking adventurers to the top.

In a speech in Kathmadu, Doug also called for people wanting to ascend the mountain to have to ascend at least two other 7,000m peaks in the Himlayas first, for permits to be restricted and their cost increased, and for better regulation and a rescue service to be established.

Doug Scott
Doug scott
Mount Everest: 11 tonnes of rubbish cleared
A clean-up expedition to Mount Everest has removed 11 tonnes of rubbish and four dead bodies from the world’s highest mountain.

What cost conquering Everest?

Queues, casualties, and rubbish on Nepal's holy mountain
Discarded bottles, packaging, boots and oxygen cylinders: the hidden cost of the world's obsession with conquering Mount Everest. 

Image: queuing to reach the peak of Everest