Reality TV

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    Video caption: Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips: ‘I was trolled for my fat legs’

    Lipoedema is a condition which can cause fat to build up in legs and arms.

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    Video caption: Will I'm a Celeb leave New South Wales for old north Wales?

    Winner of the 2018 series, Harry Redknapp, admitted he would have been less keen on doing the show in Wales.

  3. Get off my back – don't you know my TV date's not real?

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    Video caption: Angry onlookers mistook Andy Jordan's real life date for love-rat behaviour.
  4. Week 5

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    Video caption: Twenty years after Big Brother hit our screens and reality TV has produced a president

    In the final episode of Watching Us, Jamie explains how reality TV produced a president, and the impact of living in a world where we share our lives online.

  5. Week 1

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    Video caption: Jamie Bartlett looks at the impact of 20 years of reality TV on culture and society.

    Twenty years ago a TV show launched which changed history, revolutionising TV and transforming our ideas about truth, surveillance, technology and politics. The show was Big Brother.

  6. Week 4

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    Video caption: How reality TV set the tone for our behaviours on social media

    Reality TV set the tone for how we would behave on social media: Be emotional. Create drama. Share, share, and share some more. And be ready for instant celebrity.

  7. Week 2

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    Video caption: How did reality TV turn surveillance into entertainment?

    Big Brother reframed surveillance as entertainment, and we were too busy being amused to notice reality TV was a Trojan horse for a new kind of deal between us and the screen.

  8. Week 3

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    Video caption: A new type of reality show blurs the lines between truth and fiction.

    A decade after Big Brother hit UK screens a new type of reality programme launched that subtly changed our ideas about truth.

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    Video caption: Towie's Bobby Norris sees 'terrifying rise' in online abuse

    Towie's Bobby Norris says trolls have "far too much time on their hands" during the lockdown.