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The rise of the 'granfluencer'...

Meet the seniors who are better at social media than you

BBC Three

Social media stars
Daniel Virin, Lucy Alcorn, Magdalife57

If you thought social media stars were all under-35, think again! BBC Three has been exploring the world of the 'granfluencer' - grandparents who have become social media sensations.

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Are digital campaigns changing the game in the world's biggest election?
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Political parties are spending big money on digital strategy and social media marketing. Ads, trending hashtags, memes and influencers are all being used.

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Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Gul Panag, actor, politician and entrepreneur; Berges Malu, public policy head, ShareChat; Kapil Gupta, digital marketer and CEO, OMLogic
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