Labour Party Conference

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    Video caption: Labour leadership: Clive Lewis on election alliances

    Leadership hopeful Clive Lewis says Labour must build "progressive alliances" with other parties if it is to win back power.

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    Video caption: General election 2019: The 60 second manifesto challenge

    Does Adam Fleming really know what's in the main parties' manifestos? Let's find out.

  3. Shorter working week: The devil is in the detail

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    Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell proposed a shorter working week
    Image caption: Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell proposed a shorter working week

    One of the more eye-catching announcements from this week's Labour Party Conference was a pledge to cut the working week to 32 hours without a pay cut.

    Could it work?

    "I'd love to work a four-day week," says Hamish Sanderson, chair of Labour Business, who was at the conference. "For women, the proposals on the menopause and flexibility, it is all moving in the right direction but of course the devil will be in the detail."

    Some businesses and freelance workers are sceptical of the proposal.

    But Mr Sanderson cautioned that it should not be "over blown".

    "It wasn't about legally or by statute reducing the working week. What it was saying was that there will be measures put in place to allow, for example, collective bargaining in different sectors to negotiate working time.

    "There would be a working time commission to look at more detail and the only specific initial step was an opt-out from the working time directive and to bring that to end."

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    Video caption: Jeremy Corbyn: 'We will redesign system to supply cheaper medicines'

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the party will redesign the system for licensing medicines in the UK.

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    Video caption: Corbyn: Let people, not politicians, decide Brexit

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn lays out his position on Brexit at the party conference.

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    Video caption: Corbyn's Labour conference speech: The PM should resign

    Labour's leader criticises Boris Johnson and lays out his Brexit policy in his party conference speech.

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    Video caption: Rebecca Long Bailey sets out Labour's environmental plan

    The shadow business secretary details her party's policy to reduce carbon emissions in the UK.

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    Video caption: Confusion as Labour rejects committing to Remain stance

    There was initial confusion over the result of the vote on Labour's stance in a future Brexit referendum.