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Have your say: Dinner with Donald?

Donald Trump

It is not long now until US President Donald Trump graces Britain's shores.

During his stay, Mr Trump will host a dinner for around 150 business people at the beautiful Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

Baroness Lane-Fox, the co-founder of, has said she will not be attending the gathering. “I understand why the government have to entertain Trump but I certainly don't want to,” she said.

But many others - such as the UK's richest man Jim Ratcliffe of Ineos - are going along.

What do you think?

Should business leaders go and meet the president of the world's largest economy?

Or should those with a difference of opinion with Mr Trump stay away?

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Fracking director 'intimidated' by protesters

Dave Wade

BBC News

The director of a firm which plans to drill in Derbyshire to seek shale gas deposits has said he's found dealing with protesters "intimidating".

Tom Pickering, of petrochemical giant Ineos, has been speaking at a public inquiry into fracking exploration near Eckington, the Local Democracy Reporter Service said.

Tom Pickering
Eddie Bisknell

Mr Pickering said: "At the first meeting with residents there were 150 people shouting 'get out Tom', which is pretty intimidating if you are Tom.

"I do have sympathy for the community and I think you will find very few company directors that consistently attend public meetings."

fracking demos
Eddie Bisknell

However he said the UK needs to rely on gas from fracking "in the transition process towards renewable energy".

He also revealed that the overall cost of the project could total £9m, £1m of which would be for measures to reduce noise.

The inquiry began on Tuesday 19 June and is due to conclude on Friday.

The beach at North Queensferry

Kevin Keane

BBC Scotland's environment correspondent

A UK-wide survey around the British coast finds a single Fife beach had about 450,000 plastic pellets.

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Scottish government 'has not banned fracking'
Ineos have made the claim after a court hearing, months after the First Minister said fracking would not happen.