1. Ryan hopes prosthetic paws will put Sandy on all fours

    A man in Carlisle is hoping to design some prosthetic paws for an injured dog he rescued in Egypt.

    Ryan Casson brought two-year old Sandy to Carlisle from Cairo, where it's thought she was hit by a train.


    Ryan hopes he can create the new pair of back paws on a 3-D printer, so Sandy can walk on harder surfaces

    Quote Message: That would just enable her to walk on concrete, rather than me carrying her to the car and then carrying her to grass, ultimately the goal would be to get her up a Cumbrian fell, but that's probably quite unrealistic." from Ryan Casson
    Ryan Casson
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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Why Egypt has faced criticism over antibody tests

    Egypt has faced criticism for testing frontline healthcare workers for coronavirus using antibody tests.

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    Video caption: Egypt animal mummies unveiled at exhibition near Cairo

    Mummified big cats, cobras and crocodiles were among hundreds of artefacts found at the Saqqara acropolis.

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    Video caption: Egypt protests: Anti-government chants in Tahrir Square

    Rare protests have taken place in Egypt, calling for the removal of President Abdul Fattah Sisi.

  5. Bombardier looks set for €3bn Cairo monorail contract


    Manufacturer Bombardier has been named as the preferred bidder to build a new monorail in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

    The company said the rolling stock will be developed and built at its centre in Derby as part of the contract worth €3bn (£2.65bn).

    The project will see 34 miles of monorail built connecting the New Administrative City with East Cairo and a second line of 26 miles between Sixth of October City and Giza.

    The award is subject to contract and final confirmation.

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    Video caption: Cairo train crash and station fire kill 25

    At least 25 people died when a train hit a buffer stop and exploded at Cairo's main railway station.