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#BBCAskThis: Joanna Gosling speaks to John Healey
Labour MP John Healey answers questions sent in by BBC News viewers ahead of the European Parliamentary elections.
John Healey on Labour's no confidence bid in Theresa May
A Labour front bencher is asked about the timing of its plan to bring down Theresa May over her handling of Brexit.

Government accused of 'dragging feet' over Grenfell

burnt out Grenfell Tower
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Theresa May has faced demands to stop "dragging" her Government's feet over dealing with the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Shadow housing secretary John Healey attacked the Prime Minister's response in the 15 months since the fire, and suggested she would have acted more quickly had it been her own home.

The Labour frontbencher also questioned why nearly half the Grenfell survivors still have not got permanent new homes, why more than 400 tower blocks are "still cloaked in lethal Grenfell-style cladding" and why there was still no ban on combustible cladding.

A total of 72 people died in the fire, which ripped through the west London tower block on 14 June last year.

Speaking at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool, Mr Healey said: "Let's send a message to Theresa May - stop dragging your Government's feet and act, act to get all survivors a new home, bring all those culpable to book and put in place every measure needed to prevent this ever happening again."

Social mobility: MPs question government over resignations

MPs ask why the Social Mobility Board quit en masse
The chairman of the Social Mobility Commission - the Labour former Health Secretary  Alan Milburn - resigned from his post at the weekend, saying he had "little hope" the government could make progress on social mobility because it was too focused on Brexit. MPs questioned the government over the resignation in the Commons.

Georgina Pattinson reports.

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