Rural life

Rural areas can ‘think creatively’ to bring back youth
Scotland needs to “think creatively” to attract young people back to work in rural areas says lawyer Eilidh Douglas.

The Environment after Brexit

Where does Brexit leave the UK countryside? Tom Heap hosts a debate.
Where does Brexit leave the UK countryside?  Tom Heap hosts a studio debate. On the panel: Shaun Spiers from the environmental think-tank, the Green Alliance; Heather Hancock, director of rural-based consultancy 'Rural Solutions', chair of the Food Standards Agency, and former chief executive of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and Patrick Holden, founding director of the Sustainable Food Trust,.

Producer: Emma Campbell
Flick Humphrey, who usually drives to work from her village attempts the journey by bus.
Flick Humphrey usually drives 17 miles from her village to her work in Cirencester.

The Country vs the City

Political correspondent Chris Mason mulls over the divide between city and country life.
How do we bridge the divide between multicultural cities, and what is perceived as the slower, more conservative, countryside?  Political correspondent Chris Mason was brought up in the Yorkshire Dales, which he has now exchanged for a life in London. Here he travels from city to country and back, exploring the tensions and political trends at work in each. He challenges a few stereotypes as well, finding a sense of community in a London borough that some people in the countryside feel has been lost.

Producer Mark Rickards