Bullied Syrian teenager fears for his safety
The family of a Syrian boy who was attacked at his school in Huddersfield has moved after they received death threats.
Comic Relief project helping to turn girls' lives around
A project in Greater Manchester is helping girls overcome problems ranging from drug addiction to sexual exploitation.

Stopping the bullying that took my friend's life

Mostafa Ashraf wants to stop bullying after his childhood friend took her own life
Mostafa Ashraf is an anti-bullying campaigner from Egypt. He's 21 years old, but he's using his childhood experience of loss to spearhead a campaign that's very personal to him. A school friend of his took her own life after being bullied. It prompted him to start a charity called Advice Seekers to help people who'd gone through similar experiences. He told Neal Razzell how his friendship with Jasmine grew.

Image and credit: Mostafa Ashraf
‘Bombarded by vile words’: My trouble with trolls
Is our legal system failing victims of online abuse? Beauty blogger Tess Daly says trolls targeting people with disabilities aren't being held to account.
'It's crippling my career'
Amy says she was bullied at two universities by the same man, but a NDA means she can't tell people what happened.