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    Video caption: FDA union on Priti Patel bullying claims High Court case

    The FDA is to "reflect" on losing the High Court challenge over Priti Patel bullying charge as it considers an appeal.

  2. Anti-Bullying Week - Live Lesson

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    Video caption: For anti-bullying week, Live Lessons explores how we can help those affected by bullying.

    What does bullying mean, and how can we help those affected? This live lesson with BBC Own It and the Anti-Bullying Alliance investigates.

  3. Domestic abuse survivor launches poster campaign with QR code live support link

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    Video caption: Donna Anne Pace from Weymouth has become a domestic abuse advocate.
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    Video caption: Hampshire teen with cerebral palsy talks about impact of bullying

    Teenager with cerebral palsy opens up about impact of bullying people living with disabilities.