Sheep worrying on the increase, says NFU

Farmers in Cumbria are losing thousands of pounds because of dog attacks on livestock, according to NFU Mutual, one of the UK's largest rural insurance companies.


The company says that while there is a small increase in the number of owners who always keep dogs on a lead near livestock, there has also been an increase in sheep worrying.

It is believed more cases are caused by dogs let out into gardens at night and then escaping to nearby fields.

The peak time for attacks is from January to April, during the lambing period, with the distress of being chased often causing sheep to die or miscarry, even if a dog doesn't make contact.

Farmer James dresses the part for conference

James Robinson, the organic dairy farmer from Kendal, is heading for the annual National Farmers Union conference, suitably attired...

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NFU gather for annual conference

More than 1,500 farmers are gathering in Birmingham today for the National Farmers' Union (NFU) conference.


NFU president Minette Batters has expressed disappointment with hardening political stances in Westminster over Brexit and a lack of practical planning for life outside the European Union.

The conference is expected to call on the government needs to convene a new commission of food and farming experts to ensure it upholds the high standards of British food production post-Brexit.