September trial for Ghosn

Ghosn wearning a mask and disguise
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The trial of Carlos Ghosn, the former boss of Nissan, is expected to start in September. according to Japan's public broadcaster.

He was released after 108 days in jail in March after being charged with financial misconduct and aggravated breach of trust, but denies wrongdoing.

He denies the charges.

His lawyer apologised for disguising his client in a workman's outfit when he left detention.

Japan exports fall for third month

Shipping containers at a Japanese port
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Japan's exports fell for the third straight month in February and imports also fell, in a fresh sign the world's third largest economy could be slowing down.

Exports eased 1.2% from a year earlier to 6.38trn yen ($57bn; £42.9bn), while imports dropped 6.7% to 6.05 trn yen, official data published today showed.

Darren Aw, economist at Capital Economics, said the figures indicate that net trade "will remain a drag on GDP growth both in the first quarter and throughout 2019".

The Instagrammer inspired by kintsugi

How a Japanese art can become a life philosophy
Isabella Santa Maria has over sixty thousand followers on Instagram. She talks about fashion, skincare and supporting small businesses - as well as her own experience of facial scarring.

In one post - an image of her applying kintsugi-style make-up to her face - she talked about growing up with scars after a childhood accident.

"Growing up, having those flaws literally written on my face devastated me. I felt cursed. I was trapped in a prison of dirty stares and fleeting whispers, brick-wall relationships, and hideous insecurity.

"It took many years for me to accept myself for who I was, and it took even longer to act upon it. My scars are visible, like those of kintsugi pottery. Yours may not be. But you take them with you wherever you go. You decide whether they’re a burden or a blessing."

We asked her to tell us her story. 

Camera: Isabella Santa Maria
Producer: Sophia Smith Galer
Touring a school hit by the 2011 Japanese tsunami
A Japanese high school hit by the 2011 tsunami has re-opened to visitors as a memorial to the disaster.