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'US and Iran like a married couple arguing’

An American-Iranian football coach explains how US sanctions on Iran could harm the sport
The United States has begun applying what have been called "the toughest sanctions regime ever imposed" on Iran, targetting both the country itself and those that trade with it. 

Katayoun Khosrowyar is the coach of the Iran Under-19 women's football team. Born in America, with an Iranian father, Katayoun became the first Iranian woman to get a FIFA coaching 'A' license - rapidly changing football for women and girls in the country.

Now, though, she admits that the increasingly unstable relationship between the US and Iran is putting her ambitions of expanding the sport further into major doubt. Katayoun told Sportshour it's particularly painful to see two countries so close to her heart in conflict.

Photo: Katayoun Khosrowyar (Getty Images)
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