1. Mohammed Alyahya - Editor-in-Chief, Al Arabiya English

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    Video caption: Stephen Sackur talks to Mohammed Alyahya, boss of Saudi Arabia's Al Arabiya news channel.

    As the US shifts away from Trump-era foreign relations toward the Middle East, Stephen Sackur talks to the boss of Saudi Arabia's Al Arabiya English news channel, Mohammed Alyahya.

  2. Rafael Grossi - Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency

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    Video caption: Zeinab Badawi speaks to Rafael Grossi, director general of the IAEA.

    Zeinab Badawi speaks to Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, amid concern about renewed tensions over Iran’s nuclear programme.

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    Video caption: Iran's Covid orphans: 'She keeps asking where daddy is'

    Around 51,000 children in Iran have lost a parent to Covid, according to officials.

  4. Iranian pro-democracy group mourn loss of Sir David

    Sir David Amess and others during the Conference In Support Of Freedom and Democracy In Iran, 2018

    The British Committee for Iran Freedom (BCFIF) has issued a statement condemning the "vicious attack, which was an assault not only on Sir David, but also on democracy in the UK".

    Sir David was a champion of human rights and democracy in Iran for more than three decades. He consistently spoke in support of the Iranian people’s democratic aspirations and the Iranian Resistance movement, NCRI, the BCFIF said.

    "One of the proudest things I have ever done in my political career is to support the National Council of Resistance of Iran which calls for the Iranian regime to be replaced with a safer and more democratic government," Sir David said on 6 September.

    In an email to the BBC, supporter Jahed Madumi wrote: "With great sorrow I heard about Sir David Amess' loss.

    "As an Iranian I have to say that he was a great friend of our nation, and he always defended the freedom for the people of Iran."

    Mr Amess is seen above with the British delegation during the Conference In Support Of Freedom and Democracy In Iran in Paris in 2018.

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    Video caption: Escaping the Taliban: Afghan policeman's struggle to enter Turkey

    Former soldiers and police are among Afghans trying to evade a crackdown at the Turkey-Iran border.

  6. Son begs Iran to let ailing father leave the country

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    Video caption: Dual nationals, Baquer and Siamak Namazi, are the longest held American citizens in Iran
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    Video caption: A year in Calais: One migrant’s year-long attempt to cross the Channel

    The BBC followed Iranian migrant Alex, as he tried to cross from France to the UK with a smuggler.

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    Video caption: My dad, held hostage in Iran

    London-based baker Elika Ashoori is campaigning to bring her father home from jail in Iran.

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    Video caption: How Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe keeps in touch with family

    Richard Ratcliffe says his wife, speaks to her daughter on the phone most days, while under house arrest.