'If we stay a secret, there will be a genocide'

The secretive Kaka'i of Iraq are finally speaking out
The Kaka'i are a secretive religious minority in Iraq who usually avoid the cameras. 

As with the Yazidis, religious minorities such as the Kaka'is are considered "infidels" by ultra-hardline Sunni Muslim jihadist groups like Islamic State (IS), making them a target for militant attacks.
They say they have also faced discrimination and violence from the Shia Muslim-dominated paramilitary Popular Mobilisation force since the Iraqi central government retook control of Kirkuk province from Kurdish Peshmerga forces in 2017. 
The Kaka’is say they are opening up about their faith in an attempt to avert the threat of genocide.

Camera: Dom Byrne
Producer: Dom Byrne and Sophia Smith Galer
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