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    Video caption: Where are Cape Town's great white sharks?

    Barely a single great white shark has been spotted off the city's coast for two years, where once there were hundreds.

  2. A Shark's Tale

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    Video caption: Steve Backshall reveals why the Bahamas has one of the largest shark populations on earth.

    Steve Backshall discovers why the Bahamas provide ideal sanctuary for sharks. What we can learn from these rich tropical waters that will help oceans all across the planet?

  3. Shark and hospital surfaces

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    Video caption: Millions of ridged scales make it difficult for bacteria to attach to the skin of a shark

    Millions of ridged scales make it difficult for bacteria to attach to the skin of a shark. Can we reduce infections and fight superbugs in a similar way? #30Animals

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    Video caption: Are angel sharks living in waters around Wales?

    Tests could show if Wales is a hotspot for the critically-endangered species.

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    Video caption: Swimming with sharks at Bondi Beach

    Two Grey Nurse sharks were feeding on a large school of salmon while swimmers had a morning dip.

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    Video caption: 'Baby sharks' rescued in Essex after getting trapped in shallow water

    "It's a fish really getting itself into somewhere that it's not designed to be," says rescue team.

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    Video caption: Matt Wilkinson: Former pro-surfer survives close call with shark

    Australian surfer Matt Wilkinson was alerted to the shark by lifeguards using a drone.

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    Video caption: US coast guard crew have near-miss with shark in Pacific Ocean

    An officer on board the ship shot at the 8ft-long shark to deter it from attacking the crew members.