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    Video caption: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla: My wife's vaccine death is fake news

    In an exclusive interview, Albert Bourla hits out at the "rubbish" that has been published about him.

  2. Alan Rusbridger - Former editor-in-chief, Guardian News & Media

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    Video caption: Stephen Sackur talks to Alan Rusbridger. How do we ensure that fact prevails over fiction?

    Stephen Sackur interviews Alan Rusbridger, former editor of The Guardian and now a member of Facebook's Oversight board. How do we ensure that Covid-19 fact prevails over fiction?

  3. Can Biden Unite America?

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    Video caption: Will Joe Biden be able to heal a bitterly divided country?

    Joe Biden has won the battle for the White House. Reporter Hilary Andersson meets the Trump supporters who believe the election was stolen and asks whether they will ever accept their new president.