California wildfires

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    Video caption: Californian wildfires force evacuations along Big Sur coast

    'Surreal' January wildfires burned around 1,500 acres and caused Highway 1 to close.

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    Video caption: Can California save itself from the flames?

    Unprecedented drought and heat, combined with historic bad land management, have culminated in wildfires of historic proportion in California.

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    Video caption: The race to save California’s famous sequoia trees

    Tourists flock to California’s famous sequoia trees, but wildfires are threatening their existence.

  4. By Jack Goodman & Jake Horton

    BBC Reality Check

    A silhouette of firefighters looking towards a large fire

    A series of major wildfires across the world has hit the headlines - how do they compare to previous years?

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    Video caption: Dixie Fire: California town decimated by largest active US blaze

    The US' largest active fire warped street lights and destroyed the town of Greenville, California.

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    Video caption: US fires: Inside a US fire truck driving through a wildfire

    As burning ash pelts their vehicle, video shows firefighters in California drive through the flames.

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    Video caption: Wildfires: Firefighters battle blaze from top of moving train

    Officials in California are pulling out all the stops to contain the state's largest wildfire.