Heart in Mouth

To mark last year's Pride Day we asked local poet Chris Hyde to pen his thoughts on LGBT+ equality in Bristol.

Although LGBT+ people enjoy many more rights and freedoms than they did a decade ago, Chris says people in the community still face harassment and abuse.

Here's is the powerful poem he penned about the experiences he encountered.

It's called "Heart in Mouth".

Poet Chris Hyde shares his thoughts on whether LGBT people are equal in society.
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Joy Harjo named first Native American US poet laureate

"We're somewhat disappeared from the public American story"
Joy Harjo has been appointed as the United State's new poet laureate - the first Native American to hold the position. 

Harjo is a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation She is known for such works as 'The Woman Who Fell From the Sky' and 'In Mad Love and War

Joy Harjo spoke to Newsday's Bola Mosuro about her new position and shares the poem 'I Give You Back' which she credits with helping to save her life.

(Photo: Joy Harjo. Credit: Shawn Miller, Library of Congress)

The Viking’s bloodthirsty Skaldic poetry

Poems written and performed in honour of Viking rulers like King Cnut
Skaldic verse was composed to celebrate Viking rulers over one thousand years ago. During King Cnut’s reign of England (1016-1035), the verses often took on new influences from Christianity. Eleanor Parker, lecturer in Medieval English Literature at Brasenose College, Oxford University, UK, reads from the Knútsdrápur.

Image: Vintage engraving showing Danish Vikings invading Britain (duncan1890/Getty Images)