Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan says Michael Jackson fans need to accept he’s ‘done something bad’.
Rose McGowan says Michael Jackson fans need to accept "he’s done something bad". His family reject abuse claims.
Rose McGowan: Life after #MeToo
The actor and activist describes how life has changed since the Weinstein allegations.

Defending 'brilliant' Harvey Weinstein

Exclusive interview with lawyer Benjamin Brafman on his new client.
In his first interview since charges were brought against Harvey Weinstein, his lawyer Benjamin Brafman speaks to the BBC's Luke Jones about defending celebrities, the #metoo movement, his "brilliant" new client and the "tsunami of ill will" against him. 

Harvey Weinstein has plead not guilty to all charges and denies any accusations of non-consensual sex.

Rose McGowan: 'Weinstein tried to contact me'

Rose McGowan says Harvey Weinstein tried to contact her after rape allegations went public
In her first BBC TV interview Rose McGowan tells Victoria Derbsyhire how Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has tried to contact her since she went public with allegations that he raped her. 
Harvey Weinstein has denied all allegations on non-consensual sex.