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    Video caption: Rapper Fekky has set up 'laptop library' for schoolchildren from his local area in London.
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    Video caption: Birmingham charity helps parents get access to internet

    A charity in Birmingham is helping parents who are facing hardship get access to the internet.

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    Video caption: AMD donating computers to help fight Covid-19

    Chipmaker AMD has given "computing horsepower" to researchers aiming to tackle coronavirus.

  4. Laptops donated to help 'disadvantaged' pupils

    Alex Pope

    BBC News Online

    More than 100 laptops have been purchased by a charity to help disadvantaged children.

    The computers are being offered to 14 secondary schools in the Bedford Borough area.

    They were bought by The Harper Trust's Covid-19 community fund, including a donation by The Bedford Educational Association.

    Kelli Foster, acting headteacher at Mark Rutherford School, said: "This will make a real difference to some of our families who are in desperate need of technology to support their home learning.”


    Irene Saenger, chairman of the association, said: “We hope that it will make a huge difference to the learning potential of some of the most disadvantaged young people in our area during these difficult times.”

    The charity is also asking for donations of spare laptops.

  5. Laptops given to children to help with online learning

    More than 270 reconditioned laptops and 30 mobile phones have been distributed to children across Dorset to help them with online learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Dorset Council said it had been "overwhelmed with requests" for laptops from schools for pupils who do not have one at home.

    Following the recent government announcement that it would provide IT support to Year 10 students, and those with social care needs, the council said it had put in in an order for 1,000 additional laptops to support more children.

  6. Benghazi women learn to code

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    Video caption: They want to work online from home and earn money

    They want to work online from home and earn money