HRH Prince Charles: Rethinking Nature

Prince Charles argues for an agri-"culture" that is the envy of the world
Prince Charles argues that this country is uniquely well placed to champion an agri-"culture" that is the envy of the world.

Lucy Jones: Rethinking Biophilia

Author Jones questions how our disconnection with nature is affecting our lives

The Outside

Short documentaries about the outside world presented by Josie Long.
Lying on your back and gazing at the stars in Australia, viewing the world through the eyes of a little dog and venturing outside your home - Josie Long presents short documentaries and adventures in sound about the outside world.

Emu in the Sky
Featuring Krystal DeNapoli
Produced by Krystal DeNapoli, Michelle Macklem, and Zoe Tennant

Paws for Thought (featuring Little Oblong)
Produced by Phil Smith

The Outside
Produced by Hana Walker-Brown

Production team: Andrea Rangecroft and Alia Cassam
Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall
A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4

New biodiversity strategy for nature management

Andrew Segal

BBC News

Sustainable development and climate change adaptation are to form part of the latest biodiversity strategy to drive long-term management of nature in Guernsey, the States has said.

A Strategy for Nature is due to be be published this week by the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure following a review of the island's biodiversity strategy.

The States said since the last review of the biodiversity strategy five years ago, there had been "seismic shift globally in public interest and international government action on climate change and nature loss".

The latest strategy would see a "redesign of our approach to nature management" to improve "environmental sustainability performance and to reprioritise the way that the natural environment is valued and managed in decision making".

Committee President Barry Brehaut said: "Nature conservation can no longer be an afterthought to decision making, or operate in its own bubble.

"Instead, biodiversity needs to be mainstream, meaning that nature management needs to be integrated into all sectors and across sectors."

A summary report for the 2020 Strategy for Nature can be found here.