LGBT teaching row

LGBT protests 'vast and in danger of spreading'

Misinformation over LGBT teaching in schools is "vast and in danger of spreading," a Commons debate has heard.


It follows an investigation by the BBC's Panorama programme into demonstrations outside Parkfield School and others in Birmingham over the teaching of same-sex relationships.

It's feared demonstrations could spread across the country - with some calling for Government help for schools to overcome parental opposition.

The Education Minister, Nick Gibb, told the Commons the government is trying to achieve a consensus with parents - but the schools need to take charge.

"Ultimately it is a matter for the school itself to decide on the curriculum - and when the school has decided on what it wants to teach and when it will have the full support and back of the Department for Education."

But Labour's Shadow Education Secretary, Angela Rayner, said the issue was "not about consultation".

"It's about LGBT and the misinformation that's being given out and the bigotry that's being displayed by some minorities on our streets," she told the debate.

Should same-sex education be compulsory?
An author believes his childhood would have been much easier if he had same-sex education in school.

Head teacher urges stronger LGBT teaching guidance

New government advice on teaching LGBT relationships doesn't go far enough, a head teacher at the centre of protests has tweeted.

Protest at Anderton Park Primary School

The row started in Birmingham in January with parents claiming storybooks used to teach about different families contradicted the Islamic faith.

Protests were held outside Anderton Park Primary School with campaigners also saying pupils weren't old enough to be taught about LGBT relationships.

This week, Education Secretary Damien Hinds issued new advice to primary schools which included him saying he "would strongly encourage" schools to teach about same-sex parents.

But Anderton Park's head teacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson tweeted that, while Mr Hinds comments were great, "‘strongly encourages’ isn't the same as ‘must’".

Tweet from Sarah Hewitt Clarkson

'Primary school children should learn LGBT issues'

BBC Midlands Today

Children should leave primary school having learnt about LGBT relationships, the Education Secretary has said.

He was speaking after a debate on parental control in teaching, linked to the Equality Act 2010.

Hundreds of protesters

It comes after story books featuring different families, has caused protests outside schools in Birmingham since January.

Demonstrators argue that pupils are "too young" to learn about LGBT relationships, which they also say contradict Islam.

Education secretary Damian Hinds said primary school children should learn about the issue to prepare them "for life in modern Britain".