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Redcar MP's bill among those lost after Parliament's suspension

Anna Turley MP
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Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament means 13 high-profile government bills have been lost, including a law increasing the maximum penalty for animal cruelty.

The legislation introduced by Redcar Labour MP Anna Turley would have increased the maximum penalty for animal cruelty from six months imprisonment to five years in England and Wales.

Both Scotland and Northern Ireland already have laws to this effect.

But last Wednesday when Parliament was prorogued, the bill was dropped, along with a number of others.

The bills can be re-introduced after Parliament returns on 14 October if the government chooses to do so but all progress made is lost and MPs and peers must start their scrutiny from scratch.

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Animal cruelty sentencing bill withdrawn

Anna Snowdon

BBC Local Live

A Teesside MP's bill to increase sentences for animal cruelty has been withdrawn.

Redcar Labour MP Anna Turley first raised the matter in 2016 when she secured a private member's bill, following an abuse case of a bulldog called Baby, who was stamped on and thrown down the stairs by two brothers from her constituency, who also filmed the attack.

Currently the maximum sentence is six months but the House of Commons would have decided today if maximum jail terms could be increased to up to five years.

She has written to the Environment Secretary to ask the government to opt to carry the bill over to the next parliamentary session.

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MP fights to save animal cruelty sentencing campaign

Alison Freeman

BBC Look North

Redcar MP Anna Turley is seeking assurances that a law to toughen animal cruelty sentences won't be killed off when Parliament is shut down.

In 2017, the Labour MP saw a private member's bill suffer a similar fate when Parliament was dissolved for the snap general election.

She wants to see the longest custodial sentence for the offence increased from six months to five years.

Ms Turley set out to change the law after two brothers in her constituency were given suspended sentences after being filmed laughing as they stamped on a bulldog.

Redcar MP Anna Turley
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MP welcomes animal cruelty bill

The Labour MP for Redcar Anna Turley has welcomed an increase in animal cruelty sentences.

A Government bill has increased sentences to a maximum of five years.

Ms Turley queued throughout the night in 2016 to secure a private members bill to change the custodial sentences for abusers.

The action followed the horrific case of Baby the bulldog, who was stamped on and thrown down a staircase.

The Environment Secretary Michael Gove will present the Animal Welfare Bill to parliament today.

Redcar MP calls on government to save British Steel

Redcar MP Anna Turley is calling on the government to help British Steel as she warns there is a "very real danger" of another devastating closure like SSI in 2015.

The firm's future is hanging in the balance as it admits it is on the verge of administration.

Anna Turley
UK Parliament

It's thought 700 jobs are at risk in the region on sites at Lackenby and Skinningrove as well as hundreds more in the supply chain.

Ms Turley, Secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Steel and Metal-Related Industries, said: “The government must now intervene to secure the assets and protect the workforce before irreparable damage is done to this strategic British industry.

“This crisis has been caused by uncertainty from chaotic Brexit negotiations and the absence of a national strategy for steel to give the level playing field the industry has been repeatedly calling for.

“Government must step up and do its duty to this key British industry and its workforce.”

'Taxpayers must not foot the bill for steelworks clean-up'

Local Democracy Reporting Service

A trading zone forecast to rake in £340m in business rates must not be a “smoke and mirrors” exercise, an MP has warned.

A Special Economic Area (SEA) has been pencilled in for the former Redcar steelworks site from April next year.

A report by Redcar and Cleveland Council has estimated the zone will see the South Tees Development Corporation (STDC) bring in £340m of rates in the next 25 years.

But Redcar’s Labour MP Anna Turley has warned it must not mean the government “handing over” the cost of regenerating the site to Teesside taxpayers.

She said: “Lord Heseltine was clear when the steelworks closed that the government would foot the clean-up bill, whatever it came to. The government must make good on that promise and not rely on local people or businesses to pay the costs.”

The rates income on the site would be shared equally between the council and the STDC – with 50% of the rates reinvested in the 4,500-acre site.

The report stated Redcar and Cleveland Council would be “circa. £121.930m better off over a 25-year period, if an SEA was in place. Without the SEA in place, it is estimated that only £49.478m would be generated for the council.”

But Ms Turley said the SEA must not be a “smoke and mirrors accounting exercise” which deprived funding for local services and “let the government off the hook”.

The MP added: “I will still be demanding the necessary investment from the chancellor in his spending review to clean this site up and get the investment and jobs that we need.”

Former Redcar steelworks site