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  1. Costa say drive-thru closed at weekend will re-open but not to cars

    Pete Cooper

    BBC News


    Earlier we brought you the story of the branch of Costa Coffee at Ipswich's Euro Retail Park, which opened for drive-thru customers at the weekend, only to close due to the high number of visitors it had.

    The Police Federation's Suffolk branch said the resultant traffic queues had put officers "at risk".

    The cafe chain have told me that they will be re-opening the store on Thursday, but the drive-thru lane will be closed.

    Instead customers wishing the use it will have to "place their order via the Costa Coffee app and collect from the store".

    In a statement it said: "Customers will be asked to queue outside the store, two metres from one another, and then collect their order from a designated collection area just inside the store. Baristas will place the order down at the collection point before moving back to allow the customer to enter and collect their order."

  2. Number of customers at drive-thru cafe put police 'at risk'

    Pete Cooper

    BBC News

    The Suffolk branch of the Police Federation said an influx of people to a Costa Coffee in Ipswich that reopened at the weekend was putting the police "at risk".

    The cafe at the Euro Retail Park was one of 17 Costa branches which reopened across the UK for drive-thru customers only.

    Suffolk Chief Constable Steve Jupp said the number of people at the site "caused a big issue" for police, and came at a time when two large neighbouring supermarkets were also busy.

    Costa coffee

    The Costa was later shut by staff because of the long queues.

    Darren Harris, chairman of the Police Federation in Suffolk, said: "The public's action is putting my members at risk by having to interact with more members of the public than they necessarily need to."

    While not illegal, he added that it was not "a reasonable thing to do" to drive to get a take-away coffee.

    A spokeswoman for Costa Coffee said safety was their "number one priority".

    She said the drive-thru cafes were meant for "key workers on essential journeys" and that other branches had been open offering delivery for other customers.

    The branch in east Ipswich is due to reopen later this week.

  3. New Costa chief joins from M&S

    Costa Coffee sign

    Costa Coffee has appointed former M&S clothing boss Jill McDonald as its new chief executive.

    The cafe business, which was snapped up by Coca-Cola for £3.9bn last year, said she will replace current chief Dominic Paul at the end of this month.

    The soft drink giant hailed Mr Paul for leading the chain, which has more than 2,400 UK coffee shops, through a "strong growth phase" following the takeover.

    Ms McDonald said: "I have long been a fan of Costa."

  4. Good morning!

    Welcome to Business Live this Thursday morning and what will be another roller-coaster day thanks to Brexit.

    Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with MPs from across the Commons today to try and find a way forward - and we'll bring you all the reaction from the stock and currency markets.

    In the meantime, retailers will continue to publish their trading figures for Christmas.

    Primark, which is owned by Associated British Foods, will give an update as will specialist retailer N Brown.

    Whitbread, which has sold its Costa Coffee chain to Coca-Cola, and Premier Foods, home of Mr Kipling's exceedingly good cakes, will also announce figures.

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  5. Costa clearance

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    The European Commission has cleared the sale of the Costa Coffee chain to US drinks maker Coca-Cola from British restaurant and hotel owner Whitbread.

    "The Commission concluded that the proposed acquisition would raise no competition concerns because the companies do not sell the same products and the links between their activities are limited," the EU executive said in a statement.

  6. Video content

    Video caption: Christchurch council refuse permission for new coffee shop

    Councillors in Christchurch refused permission for a new High Street coffee shop saying there were already too many.

  7. Whitbread: 'sentiment remains positive'

    Richard Hunter, head of markets at interactive investor, has commented on those Whitbread half-year figures,. He said:

    Quote Message: Whitbread is in something of a holding pattern at present, with the Costa sale leaving Coca-Cola requiring regulatory approvals. The separation of the business has long been called for by investors and the sale has helped the share price rise by 13% over the last three months. Although the company is in the throes of an important strategic change, sentiment remains positive, with the market consensus of the shares coming in at a cautious buy.
  8. Ad banned for criticising avocados

    avocado on toast

    An advert for Costa Coffee has been banned for urging customers to buy a bacon roll rather than avocados.

    The radio ad featured a voiceover saying there was "a great deal on ripen-at-home avocados" but they will only "be ready to eat for about 10 minutes then they'll go off".

    It told people to choose the "better deal" of a roll or egg muffin.

    The Advertising Standards Authority said two listeners complained it discouraged consumers from selecting fresh fruit.

    The regulator said consumers would interpret the ad as a comparison between the experience of eating an avocado and a bacon roll or egg muffin.

    "We considered that, although the ad was light-hearted, it nevertheless suggested avocados were a poor breakfast choice, and that a bacon roll or egg muffin would be a better alternative, and in doing so discouraged the selection of avocados," the ASA said.

    It ruled that the ad must not be broadcast again, adding: "We told Costa to ensure future ads did not condone or encourage poor nutritional habits and that they did not disparage good dietary practice."

    Costa said their ad played on the "frustration and unpredictability of the avocado".