Gym owner who helps the homeless calls politicians to action
A gym owner who helps the homeless has called on all the politicians to reshape the mental health service.

Hospital volunteering: 'I felt I had nothing more to offer to the world'

Rosie Martin on the difference that volunteering at Bournemouth Hospital has made to her.

Maiden Newton fire station plea for more on call firefighters

Manager says a crew shortage meant it couldn't attend a recent fire in Cattistock.
A crew manager at a Dorset fire station says that they didn't have enough crew to attend a fire in Cattistock on Saturday.

Fortunately there were no casualties but Maiden Newton fire station say they need more volunteers to join the service so this doesn't happen again. 

Russell Goff, the crew manager of Maiden Newton Fire Station, spoke to BBC Radio Solent's Steve Harris on the Dorset breakfast show.
Mozilla CEO: 'Don't hide things from your workers'
Mozilla boss Mitchell Baker says "don't hide things - even the scary, risky things" from your staff.