St Petersburg

From Soviet Leningrad to St Petersburg

In 1991 Leningrad changed its name back to St Petersburg despite Communist protests
In 1991 Leningrad changed its name back to St Petersburg after a referendum which split the city. Communists fiercely opposed the change, but the Orthodox Church supported the idea. Ludmilla Narusova, a historian and the wife of the first mayor of St Petersburg, remembers the passionate campaigning that led to the city abandoning its revolutionary legacy as Communism began to collapse. Photo: a demonstrator protesting against the name change, 1991, Leningrad. Credit: Sobchak Foundation.
Blind man gives blindfolded tour of St Petersburg
Alexey Orlov has been blind since birth and teaches sighted tourists how to develop their other senses.
Tatyana with her adopted mothers Bridget O'Shaughnessey (R) and Debbie McFadden (L) after she won the New York City Marathon in 2016

Beth Rose

BBC News

Deborah McFadden was paralysed from the neck down in her 20s - she went on to adopt three children from different countries, two of whom would become successful athletes. How did she do it?

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