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Terry Jones: Michael Palin pays tribute to Monty Python star
Sir Michael Palin pays tribute to his Monty Python co-star Terry Jones, who has died aged 77.

Terry Jones: 'It's like losing a limb' - Michael Palin

Comedian Sir Michael Palin has described the death of his Monty Python co-star Terry Jones as "like losing a limb".

Sir Michael Palin and Terry Jones
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Terry Jones died at the age of 77, four years after being diagnosed with dementia.

Sheffield-born Palin met Jones in 1962 at university in Oxford, after which he said they became "inseparable for many, many years".

"It's sort of like losing a limb", Palin told the BBC.

"Even over the past few years, we were still very close friends."


"I valued Terry's opinion more than any other," he said.

"I will miss putting my arm around him and having a drink. I shall miss our sessions putting the world to rights.

"He was a terrific companion, and a terrific person to be with."