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Will Jeff Bezos' pledge satisfy Amazon's climate strikers?

Amazon employees are preparing to join the global climate protest on Friday
Employees at Amazon headquarters in Seattle are preparing to join the climate strike on Friday.

Ahead of the global protests, the company’s CEO – Jeff Bezos – outlined a climate pledge that would see Amazon become carbon neutral by 2040.

Rebecca Sheppard is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon and a member of Amazon Employees for Climate Justice.

She told Newsday: “It’s absolutely a victory, but it’s not everything that we asked for. We actually don’t want to be carbon neutral, we want to be zero emissions. We don’t want to rely on carbon offsets.”

(Photo: Jeff Bezos makes a climate pledge. Credit: Getty Images)

Big business will face more scrutiny

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Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos

Investors are more proactive about holding companies to account, says Trevor Greetham, head of multi asset at Royal London Asset Management, following the release of the Business Roundtable new mission statement, signed by the likes of JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon and Amazon's Jeff Bezos (pictured).

"If you do something stupid in terms of the environment, shareholders will be very upset about it and institutional shareholders may tell fund managers like Royal London Asset Management not to buy that stock," he says.

But how much will really change?

Mr Greetham tells Wake Up to Money: "There will be a lot of hold them to the standards they've signed up to. So, for Amazon, the ethical treatment of suppliers will be a major deal. Where are the supply chains? What are the conditions of the workers in those supply chains?

"There is no way these companies are all perfect on these measures at the moment but the fact that they realise it is important, I think we will start to see some changes."

Prime seat for Mr Bezos

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos on Centre Court during Men's Finals Day of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships
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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was among those watching the men's final at Wimbledon on Sunday.

The world's richest man was accompanied by his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez.

It is the first time the couple have made a public appearance since Mr Bezos finalised his divorce from wife MacKenzie after 25 years of marriage.

In April he agreed to a $35bn divorce settlement.

Jeff Bezos filed the paperwork to create the retailing giant Amazon 25 years ago.
Jeff Bezos filed the paperwork to create the e-commerce retailing giant Amazon 25 years ago.