Do we need to think positively about periods?

Chella Quint blames advertisers for the embarrassment surrounding menstruation.
Sam Quek, Eilish McColgan and Alex Greenwood

Amy Lofthouse

BBC Sport

Periods might not turn wine into vinegar but can they affect an athlete's performance? BBC Sport looks at how athletes and doctors cope with menstruation.

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"I was about to re-enact Carrie on stage."

Take it from Maria Shehata, don't scrimp on menstrual cups!
Evelyn Mok and Maria Shehata discuss how buying cheap menstrual cups almost led to a Carrie-style period disaster on stage and how Evelyn turned into the “creepy bumble chick”.

"I thought I was a pregnant virgin."

Sadia Azmat and Sikisa Comedy sum up the stress of late periods and leakages
Sadia Azmat and Sikisa talk about why Sikisa will never wear white again and why Sadia had to hide her period from her mum.

"My boyfriend had to pull out my menstrual cup."

Imagine having to scream "I'm on my blob," while navigating shark-infested waters?!
Maisie Adam and Lily Phillips talk menstrual cups, Zac Efron lookalikes and that time when Maisie shouted “I’m
on my blob!” at a diving instructor

"Mum thought I'd s**t myself."

Zahra Barri shares her first period story (a hilarious mum moment) with Sarah Keyworth

"I accidentally put chilli in my vagina."

Kemah Bob and Sophie Duker on why you should always wash your hands after cutting chillis
Kemah Bob and Sophie Duker talk about why you should always wash your hands after cutting chillis and how to navigate sex on your period.