Afghanistan’s one and only Jew
Zablon Simintov says that despite pressure on him to convert he'll keep practising his faith in Kabul.

The artist behind the world's largest memorial

The man behind the biggest memorial to Nazi victims
German artist Gunter Demnig is best known for his 'stolpersteine' - brass memorial blocks that he lays in front of homes or places of business that were once owned by people who became Nazi genocide victims. 

He has now laid 72,000 'stumbling blocks' across 24 countries around the world. 

He's made so many of them that his work has been referred to as the world's largest memorial. 

Camera: Harold Morris
Producer: Sophia Smith Galer 
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Growing up in Northern Ireland's tiny Jewish community
Michael Walker, 16, explains what life is like for him as a young Jewish person in Northern Ireland.

"Make sure you know where your passport is"

How Pittsburgh's Jews feel five months on
Last year, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting shook the US. 

It was the worst anti-Semitic attack to happen in US history and, according to The Washington Post, it ‘wasn’t unimaginable but inevitable’. Anecdotally, the build-up of anti-Semitic attacks in the US may just back that up; the Anti-Defamation League logged a 57 percent rise in incidents in 2017.

Tammy Hepps is a Jewish activist. She moved to Pittsburgh to reconnect with her family history there, and she thinks that Jews have a complicated relationship with power and people speaking truth to it. 

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