Why did rapper Wiley post a series of anti-Semitic rants?

Wiley has been suspended from Instagram and Twitter but many feel they were slow to act
The rapper Wiley has been condemned for sharing conspiracy theories and insults about Jewish people in a series of social media posts. He's one of several rappers in recent weeks accused of anti-Semitism. 

The British Home secretary is demanding answers from Twitter and Instagram on why the posts were not removed more quickly. 

Nadine Batchelor-Hunt, a Black-Jewish journalist, called out Wiley's antisemitism and became a target of one of his posts. 

She tells us that rappers like Wiley risk causing a divide between the Black and Jewish communities, with racists being the only beneficiaries.

(Photo: The rapper Wiley. Credit: PA)

Helier Cheung

BBC News, Washington DC

How coming-of-age rituals were interrupted - and reinvented - amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Rabbi urges Jewish community not to visit dying relatives

Thomas Mackintosh

BBC London News

A Rabbi from Finchley used her sermon yesterday to urge the Jewish community not to visit dying relatives in hospital.

Her comments come after Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he would give permission to people visit critically ill family members if it were practical to do so.

Rabbi Miriam Berger said "compassion is not always the best leadership" adding that people should not be forced to choose to say goodbye to a loved one or to be honest about their health and vulnerability to coronavirus.

"Not giving people impossible choices is sometimes much fairer," Rabbi Berger said.

"Don’t make a spouse in their 80s make the choice as to whether they come to the hospital to say goodbye.

"Don’t make people choose whether to be honest about if they think they may pose a risk in the hospital or the crematorium.

"Too many of us we will choose wrongly, we will go and say goodbye, letting emotion take over in those heart breaking moments.

"Many hospitals are ignoring Hancock and maintaining a no-visitor policy but if you or someone you now finds themselves given this terrible choice please, please prioritise yourselves and all those living and know that a life time of kisses, handholding and kind wise words will always be more powerful than any final ones can be."

Corbyn leads tributes to Rabbi who died from Covid-19

Thomas Mackintosh

BBC London News

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has led tributes to Rabbi Abraham Pinter who died in London from coronavirus.

Rabbi Pinter was considered one of the leading figures in the ultra-orthodox Hareidi Jewish world and passed away aged 70.

He ran one of the main schools in the Stamford Hill area, and became a spokesman for the closed and isolated ultra-orthodox community in the United Kingdom.

Tributes have also been paid to Rabbi Pinter from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, the local MP and former Labour front bencher Diane Abbott, and the Muslim community in the area.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, which represents the wider Jewish community, said he built bridges between different groups of Jews, the government, and wider UK society

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