A brief history of bombs

BBC Ideas explores the story of the bomb
As artist Ai Weiwei's latest work - an installation exploring the human impact of bombs - opens at Imperial War Museum London, we delve into the history of the bomb.

Rise of unauthorised drones in restricted areas

BBC Radio Guernsey

There has been a rise in the number of drones being flown in restricted areas in the island.

Guernsey Ports, supported by the Director of Civil Aviation for the Channel Islands, has launched a new campaign to teach drone users where they can use the devices safely after "an increase in the number of unauthorised drone deployments in restricted areas without prior permission".

The chief operations officer for Guernsey's ports, Ross Coppolo, said the situation needed tackling.

It is concerning. You only have to see what happened at Gatwick [in December 2018], which brought the airport to a stop. Thankfully people are fairly respectful in Guernsey, and what we're keen to do in this initiative is continue to raise and awareness in terms of where people can and can't fly their drones."

Ross CoppoloGuernsey Ports
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